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Lateral lesion (by Ilya Mer)

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This patient was referred to our clinic for evaluation of RCT #37 (18)

The initial therapy was carried out 5 years before that moment.  A year before symptoms appeared: swelling, pain, sinus tract. The NSTCT was attempted (patient said that  several dressing were changed during number of weeks)

Symptoms gone but came ot again these days.

At the moment of consult there was sinus tract, tooth mobility and swelling

Preoperative X-ray and guuta tracing X-ray

Guttapercha removal was not so simple and I checked it for several time by X-ray

The lateral canal orifice was found out on the anterior wall of mesiolingual canal and it was partially filled by GP

After the first visit and calcium of calcium hydroxide dressing symptoms wasn’t gone and sinus tract was still active. At the second visist I had to work more on cleaning and enlraging the lateral canal. After 3 fays sinus tract closed.

Comparing to final X-ray 12 month recall shows complete healing of lateral lesion



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