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18 months follow up (by Ilya Mer)

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Two molars retreatment. The patient came from referral with two ruined molars, pain and swelling in region #36-37 (19-18). It looked like # 36 had caused the problems, but 37’s percussion was much more painful. So the #18 was re-treated first. #36 has had separated fragment that sat exactly in the apex but was not visible through the scope.  I tried to find it around the corner with help of sodium hypochlorite’ lens but succeeded. The nickel dropped only in the third appointment when I had realized that it sat just under the small isthmus between DB and DL.  After removing the isthmus and joining the canals it came out at the same moment.  Hard work, 6 appointments needed for both. Both are with temporary filling.  Space for post was remained in both teeth and filled temporarily with Calcium hydroxide paste. After 18 months teeth are not restored yet.

Preoperative X-ray

37 treatment steps

36 fragment removal and final picture

Postoperative X-ray

18 month recall




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