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Buried into the deep (by Ilya Mer)

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This patient has been referred to complete NSRreT, RD has tried but couldn’t negotiate one of the mesial canal due to “hard cement” in the apical third.

Preoperative X-ray showed poor coronal seal and secondary caries under restoration

After temporary filling has been removed I found strong blockage in MB which was located after the curvature and not visible in microscope. To prove my suggestion I made an X-ray with no files and that moment “hard cement” turned out to be a NiTi (according to metal density) high taper (according to its shape) broken fragment. That fragment looked like one which was broken in a typical location of merging mesial canals. If my suggestion about margining was correct I could try to get an aspiration with sodium hypochlorite between two mesials. And it worked!

Positive aspiration test made me use a kind of EndoVak , another words I placed a long plastic canule connected to suction in ML canal then put the irrigation solution in MB. I flushed 8 syringes of Hypo, then changed the canals. Canule in MB and suction in ML and flushed more 8 syringes. So this way allowed me to clean and to obturate (injection of termo plasiied guttapercha ) non negotiable space of apical portion and to bury the fragment insight.

Final X-rays




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