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Internal perforated resorption (by Ilya Mer)

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Patient suffered from swelling and sinus tract in area of frontal anterior teeth.  It was about trauma of #11 (8) that happened approximately 8-9 months before the visit. Percussion and palpation was painful.

X-ray showed internal resorption with perforation of the wall. I spent 3 visits to remove all soft tissue from insight the tooth (NaOCl and Ca(OH)2  between visits). Clinical symptoms disappeared 3-4 days after the first visit.

Preoperative X-ray, WL verification and Ca(OH)2 after the first visit

Checking of Ca(OH)2 filling after the second visit

At the third visit all dressing was removed before the obturation and checked by X-ray

Apical portion was obturated with sealer and warm GP by Obtura, the resorption area filled with grey MTA (Angelus)

Preop and Postop X-rays

Preop and 6month recall X-rays


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